Friday, October 9, 2015

Clump Crusher Mascara

I received the Covergirl Clump Crusher mascara, and wore it during my night out to the movies.
The green curved wand is the best of the mascara, it makes it super easy to apply mess and accident free.
The mascara isn't clump-free, it left a few small clumps on my bottom lash and top corner lashes, and my lashes weren't "20x" longer like the claim on the package. But it wasn't all bad, the first thing out of my sister's mouth was, "Wow your eyelashes are so bold!" And they certainly were, so it gets points for that.

My lashes are long but they never show up on camera, so this mascara was perfect for visibility.

The verdict: B- It's no different than other big brand mascaras, but the wand and bold visibility makes it a keeper for photos. The false "20x" longer claim, flaking under my lower lashes after 2 hours, and slight clumping takes away from the great product it could have been.

*I got the product free from BzzAgent

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