Saturday, May 30, 2015

Flash&Go Treatment 13

I've been using the Silk'n Flash&Go for almost a year now, and the results aren't "hair-free."
I'm on Treatment 13, spacing them a month apart, and I still get stubble the next day.

  • It comes in finer and patchier. 
  • Makes shaving easier.

  • Ingrown hairs; so fine they're hard to dig out.
  • Underarms aren't seeing results
  • Faulty unit/cord
  • Faulty cartridges
  • Leaves marks

Worth it?:
I got this mainly for my underarms, and it still has not seen any results. No thinner, finer hairs there. It'll be a full year of use soon, and I had high hopes for this product. I'm not going to waste the money I spent so I will keep using it, and if I ever get hair-free results, I'll be sure to post it here.

I had issues with shaving (sensitive skin), so in the end because this has helped make it easier, I have no big, sulking regrets (but I wished I could've found a product that did as it said). The new issue I have now is my legs, where the hairs grow in finer so I have to (no joke) dig at the little pink ingrown hairs to get them out, and it's painful. There will be two or so little hairs in the bumps, all curled thin and some fallen out. I've been informed by Silk'n that the ingrown hairs are from shaving, not the pulse-light treatments. But you should still take caution since the hairs are too fine to get through sometimes, so moisturize vigorously

*For you, it will not be worth it. Even if you think, "Hey it might be working, let's see," don't if the Warranty is close to it's final days. You don't want to waste that chunk of money for a, "It might be working."

**I will be taking Silk'n's advice and start doing the treatments more often, rather than one month apart. I will start doing 2 weeks apart, and will update with the results from that in 6 or so months. 


Device - Ever since I got the device the lights will randomly go off, so I have to twist the cable in until it goes back on. It's annoying to keep doing this during the treatment.
I've had a false alarm with a "Life time" cartridge, where it wouldn't let me use it because it said it was out of flashes. I took it out three times before it worked again.

Cartridges - Though I've wiped them off after using, they get this black gunk on them that you just can't get off. My guess is burnt skin. But I have tried to gently scrape it and it just won't budge.

After use -  I've gotten tiny black dots on my skin from the device. They look like freckles, but smaller and darker. I have no idea why but it just happens. They don't go away, so be careful if you've noticed this happening after usage. You don't want a new dark circle on your face.

Pictures for before Treatment 13:



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