Thursday, October 16, 2014

Silkn Flash&Go

I purchased the Silk'n Flash & Go. It's an at home hair removal system that's supposed to be just as good as professional hair removal devices but it is not a laser, it pulses light into the root of your hair. You can read more about it on their website
If you have fair skin and dark hair this is for you, if not look at the site to make sure it's compatible for you as you cannot use this machine with dark skin or it will burn you! It targets dark hair so that means do not place it over tattoos or dark freckles!
If you need to mark your skin with a grid so you know where you already used the machine, then use a WHITE eye liner do not use anything dark!
If you go in the sun wear sunblock as your skin will hold all the melanin and using the device after could burn you (in fact it says wait 5 weeks if you've been in the sun).

When I started I couldn't afford the lifetime cartridge yet so I only did my underarms before getting the cartridge to do the rest of me. Sorry no pictures for that part but I will still say if it went well after a certain amount of time.
Remember it takes time for it to work. I only shaved on the day to do the treatment in hopes it would give better results. I know it may be a bother not shaving when your used to (believe me it was annoying and I forgot how beautifully soft my arms and legs could be when they were hairless) but if it gives you a better chance of the device working its results, I'm sure (like me) you will put up with the awkward phases. But if you don't do this, all is good I'm sure it will still work the same.
I forgot to take some pics here and there but when I do remember I make sure to take one. So the only "before" treatment pictures you get are of my left leg ( had 4 mosquito bites so couldn't do that leg yet).

I should note I tried waxing like half a year ago, and had some "bald spot" that barely grew in, so just putting that out there so if it looks like it's working right away in the below knee pics, it's just because of past waxing.
So far it hasn't really worked for me (bummer since that's a waste of money) but I will continue updating to see if that ever changes (I really hope so.)
I am on Treatment 8 of my underarms and I STILL have not gotten even 30% less hair growth, hence why I'm also bummed out since I desperately want this expensive device to work.

Also you may have glitches with your device like me, sometimes you have to shove the cord right in the device and twist it or hold it in because the light will turn off so you can't click the button, if it does this contact them and ask for a new one before your 60days is up. I wasn't able to because I didn't notice it was a continual problem.


*Note the treatment pics aren't taken right after the treatment but right before I shave for the next.
**Unless stated otherwise these are all in the 2nd blinking light setting since I can't handle the last higher one.

Treatments 1-4 is 2 weeks apart
Treatments 5-7 are 4 weeks apart
Treatments 8+ whenever needed

Left Leg:

Left Leg Before Treatment 1
Left Leg Before Treatment 3
Left Leg Before Treatment 3 -above knee-


Before Treatment 2
Before Treatment 3
Before Treatment 4
Before Treatment 5

Right Leg

Before Treatment 2

Before Treatment 3 -above knee-

Before Treatment 3 -below knee-

Before Treatment 4 -above knee-
Before Treatment 4 -below knee-
Before Treatment 5 -above knee-
Before Treatment 5 -below knee-

So is the Silk'n Flash&Go working? Honestly I have no idea. I sure hope so though, I'm not made of money trees. Speaking of, this is the price I payed (at the time with a 15% off code) for just the Silk'n machine. Total: $214.71
Watch out for tax it's always a pain. For me it was $21.99

Good-luck and I hope if you get the Flash&Go it works out for you, if not make sure to return it BEFORE the time runs out for the 60 day money back return policy at Silk'n.
Know that their customer service is not good, however if you want that 60 day guarantee you may have to put up with it if you don't want lose your money if it doesn't work for you.

I recently tried to ask Silk'n a few simple questions about results, etc, it was a paragraph long, and what did they respond with? 2 sentences, with one that made me feel like a moron (I doubt it was intentional) saying to shave first. Of course I know to shave first.
If you are wondering how long it takes for results to show, here was the response:
Typically users would see results around the 3rd or 4th treatment, and the first thing you'd notice is that the hair is growing back slower and thinner. 

Please make sure you are shaving before treatments, otherwise they will be rendered ineffective. 

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