Thursday, May 15, 2014

imPress Voxbox

Got my first influenster's voxbox. Yayness! 
What was in the box you ask? imPress press-on manicure nails. They're very nice nails, and seeing as I hate nail glue these are for sure going to get my stamp of approval.

The nails I got in the mail:

The instructions on the back:

Clean your natural nails off with the pad that comes inside the box before putting them on.Easy application (peel off film, press on.) Easy removal (peel off or use nail polish remover before peeling.)

These aren`t like those cheap halloween nails. They come in multiple designs, better packaging, and better quality. However the cons of the nails are after you`ve warn them there aren`t any little strips of glue you can press onto the nail again. So it`s a 1 time nail which I find a tad wasteful.

Make sure you trim your nails if they are too long. You don`t want your real nails peeking out above your imPress ones.

Picking out which nails would fit is a bit time consuming. It recommends you do thumb nails last, but I say do both thumb and index fingers last so it`s easier for you to peel off the little sheets on the nails. 

There are 24 in one pack, enough to pick sizes and wear 2 weeks straight if you wish to do so.

Small dilemmas:  
Scratching. It got awkward when I needed to scratch my head, nose or ear. Suddenly I was very aware of how much I needed to scratch. 
Opening cans. I had to use a paper clip to open a pop can because there is no way my fake nails would withstand me trying to use them to hoist up a pop tab.
Brushing Hair: Every time I tried to brush my hair strands would get caught in the nails near the cuticles and tug. It even took a bit of hair with it and yanked it off, ow.
Leftovers: Bits of food would get stuck inbetween the fake nail and my real nail making it hard to get out without the help of a toothpick.

In the end, I don`t think they will last a week unless you never: wash your hands, brush your hair, have pets, itch, house choirs (laundry, dishes, etc), or bath. So ya... depending on how you treat them they should definitely last you 3 days. 

For me my nails lasted to the morning of the 4th day. By the end of the 3rd day they were flimsy and would push into my cuticles which was not pleasant but I hung in there till the next day. I let my nails soak in the bath before taking them off. They were pretty easy because they were already coming off, however if yours are not and you want them off do not pull them off (you'd hurt yourself) try dipping your fingers in nail polish remover so it lifts off more easily and pain free.

Once I removed them I missed them already. They were nice, stylish and easy. But \unless you're traveling or have a bunch of plans for the week I don't think it's worth spending the money for 1 package that would only last you a week. If they put little pre-made glue strips in the pack so you could stick them on the nail to reuse them then it would definitely be worth it.
If you happen to be one of those manicure happy spenders who always go to a salon, then this would save you money.

 I give them a B. I like them, they have the same annoying qualities of other fake nails, but they're instant and you won't have possible fungus growing after they're off like nail glue ones that stay on for a month or so. Just make sure to get the bits of stuck food out of the crack between your real and fake nail. They also keep their top quality design, unlike nail polish which smudges or begins to chip off the very next day.

*I received all products complimentary from influensters. 

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